Ballesta Islands, Sandsurfing and Nasca Lines

We started out from Pisco to Panacas, taking a speedboat from there to get to the Panacas Peninsula and the Ballesta Islands. On the peninsula we got a first impression of the drawings of pre-Inka civilisations and on the Ballesta Islands, also called the small Galapagos Island we got to see a variety of different animals. From sea lions, over penguins and cormorans, to vultures we saw lot … and this is only a selection. After that we drove down the Panamericana (highway) towards Ica and Huacachina. The latter one being an oasis in the middle of the highest sand dunes in the world. And what do you do on the highest sand dunes in the world? Right … take a buggy up and a sand board down ;)
Going further on the Panamericana we reaches the Nasca Lines, massive drawings/scrapings made on the ground, some reaching a size of a couple hundred meters. Which makes them the largest in the world. Scientists still struggle for the exact purpose of the drawing … reaching from alien stories, over astronomical calendars to worship of gods. The latter one being the most likely one though.
All this is in the middle of the driest deserts in the world, with only about five minutes of rain per year.