From Lima to Pisco

We started out the day with a visit to the promenades and parks on the seaside of the Pacific Ocean. Some parts were secured by guards every 50 meters or so … very secure!?
After that we went on one of the public overland coaches to Pisco. Driving mainly through sesert-like landscapes and seeing a lot of very poor people along the streets. In the bus itself our guide tried to entertain us with “P.S. I love you” (hmm) and the guys running the thing checked our tickets five times in less than four hours (another hmm).
Arriving in Pisco the bus didn’t even make into town, since the road there was hardly usable at all. So we got some smaller local transport that brought us into the city that has been complete destroyed by an earthquake about two years ago. Sadly enough most of it still looked like it has been last week. Only two three hotels, some rich men´s houses and the seven banks on the main square were restored. Makes you think of the luxury you have in your life …