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After quite some time, here’s another update on the movies side … and it is also my first payed rental movie from the iTunes Store. “Unknown” features quite a nice story in a very nice setting, being Berlin. It’s about a man who, after awakening from a coma, has to find out that someone has taken his identity … I wont write more, not to spoil a movie worth seeing.

Love the statement, hate the fact

“Erst wenn die letzte Eigentumswohnung gebaut, der letzte Klub abgerissen, der letzte Freiraum zerstört ist, werdet Ihr feststellen, dass der Prenzlauer Berg die Kleinstadt geworden ist, aus der ihr mal geflohen seid.”

Which translates into something like:

“Only when the last condominium built, the last club demolished, the last free space destroyed, you will find that Prenzlauer Berg has become the small town you once fled from.”

Is the beautiful, but sad statement that was made on a banner in the window of “Klub der Republik”, the latest addition in clubs closed down in Berlin. A sad tradition that has been going on for quite some time, in favour of peaceful living in expensive apartments in Prenzlauer Berg.

There is a full article about dying clubs in Berlin, specifically in Prenzlauer Berg, in a recent issue of Berliner Morgenpost (link). It’s in German though (for a change ;)

More on slammed science

Just got an email with the links to the first Youtube videos from the Weltmaschine Science Slam in November.
Be aware that all is in German.

1. “Schwarze Löcher am LHC Teilchenbeschleuniger” (Sofie Wolf)
2. “Das ATLAS-Experiment” (me)
3. “Dark Matter: Kleine Teilchen, dunkle Massen” (Eike Middell)

?. “Die Naturgesetz-Maschine – Das Noether-Theorem” (Ulrik Günther)
?. “Von Flaschen, Mücken und UFOs – Der LHC-Teilchenbeschleuniger” (Clemens Lange)
?. “Zufall, Zonk und Z-Boson – Wahrscheinlichkeit und Monte-Carlo-Simulationen” (Martin Mamach)

Slam time [update]

Today is slam time in Berlin … my first one … quite excited!
19h00 at Urania Berlin (link).

Back from the slam … second of six :) … it was an interesting and entertaining night, though I didn’t see much as I had to wait outside for all others to finish before me … anyways, there might be another slam coming up some time next year …

Apparently there will be recordings of the event on youtube at some point … I’ll keep you updated!

Berlin’s the best …

… that shouldn’t surprise you much.

Though I have to say that it took me some time to get used to all the people, traffic and noise after a few months in Copenhagen. Also the difference in the number of cyclists is quite a change.

But anyways, we had a great time, also due to all the nice people that had time for us!


Thanks to my parents, we had a very nice dinner in the rotating restaurant on top of the TV Tower, enjoying the view onto the city while eating (and chatting). Of course we also had Berlin style Döner Kebap and Bratwurst during the days. A Sunday walk in the Tierpark (thanks and greetz to K+M+L+M) and a spontaneous trip to Hamburg (thanks and greetz to L+M) on the way home rounded off the (again slightly full, though still fun) programme.

Also I managed to get my famous (but damaged) DLR cup replaced (thanks to the C.P.).