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ICHEP – snacks and music


Congratulations to the ICHEP2016 organisers for having a great idea, already before the actual start of the conference … why not invite people for snacks and drinks during one of the free open-air concerts of the Grant Park Music Festival at the Jay Pritzker Pavilion. Perfect! And just to round things off properly, add an ICHEP picnic blanket to the conference bag, to be used to sit on the lawn in front of the stage. Well done!



Berlin Calling – yesterday, I went to see the opening concert of Paul Kalkbrenner‘s 2016 tour in Munich.

Once you accept the fact that it’s a well planned concert more than a live set in a club, which it usually is these days with him, it was actually quite nice. There were not too many surprises: he played his classics and stuff from the new album (where my preference lies on the classics). Here and there he could have given it a bit more drive, but you could call it a fair mixture. In my opinion, the first encore was the best part/track of the night (which unfortunately started 30 minutes late). The location (Zenith, Munich) was nice, though the organisation (especially the coat check) could certainly improve a bit. All in all, it was a good concert and a nice evening, but it could have rocked (not sure that’s the word) a bit more …
Check out his new album.

X-mas wrap-up


Here’s my personal Christmas harvest ;)

It’s been the first time we did not spent Christmas in Berlin and it’s been a bit strange not to see old friends this time, yet it’s been slightly more relaxing than usual (less appointments, less driving, …).
Unfortunately, and somehow the standard over the last months, at least one of us has been sick and on medicine each day :(

Anyways, it’s been fun holidays and I am looking forward to test all presents next year :)

Musical welcome to Munich

After about a month in town I finally had my musical welcome … Laurent Garnier was playing at Rote Sonne yesterday night!

Business as usual (in the good way), it was a loud night, it was a long night, it was a great night. Though in fact he ‘only’ played for about four hours this time. Dunno what got into him ;) It’s just particularly funny as the location (which was quite nice btw.) announced the gig with, amongst other, the following quote: “Selten endet ein Set von ihm vor sechs Stunden”. Meaning that, rarely one of his sets is shorter than six hours!? In his defence, the club was already quite empty when he stopped around six in the morning.

Anyways, it was good to see that he would at least show up in Munich (not necessarily famous for electronic music).

As said, the location, Rote Sonne, was quite decent. Sensible sound, the usual amount of annoying I-need-to stand-still-on-the-dance-floor-with-my-drink-in-my-hand, I-need-to-score-tonight and we-need-to-dance-in-a-circle people, but around four in the morning most of that sorted itself out.

It f****ed up my Saturday morning, but I am happy :)