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ESO Supernova

‘A New Supernova over Munich’, that’s the slogan of the ESO planetarium and visitor centre that opened recently. It’s not exactly above Munich, as Garching is a bit of a subway ride outside of town, but it’s certainly worth the trip!

They have a very nice permanent exhibition called “The Living Universe” which covers about everything from where we are to what we know about our Universe. There’s temporary exhibitions as well as a fantastic planetarium, with lots of different shows, on top of that. I’ve seen the “Phantom of the Universe” as well as “Two Small Pieces of Glass — The Amazing Telescope“, and they are both great movies. Obviously the former of the two has to be, as it features the ATLAS experiment and was in part done by ATLAS people (thanks for that).

The best part is, that both the exhibitions and the planetarium shows are (still) free of charge. So there’s really no excuse for not passing by!!

Flight time is movie time

nowyouseeme vforvendetta captainamericathefirstavenger spy

Summer time is flight time is movie time … well, but you can see a) the selection got worse and b) I’ve seen everything reasonable on the menu already :|

Now I’m down to strange stuff, good classics, some more weird super hero stuff and don’t even ask what … in the order of the images … and appearance on my screen ;)