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Meeting Peter Higgs

Just for completeness and for those of you who haven’t seen it on my Facebook page or the Build-Your-Own-Particle-Detector web site, I managed to get hold of Peter Higgs (one of this year’s two Nobel Prize winners in physics) to shake hands and sign one of my ATLAS LEGO models.

Organised by the University of Manchester, we had a very nice sit in and had him chat about his last weeks, how he got informed of his award and where he was (hiding) when he got to know about it. The particle physics group invited me to come over with my model and prepare everything for the day, where he also received a honorary degree from the university.


What a week(end)

Quite an interesting week(end) that just ended. Besides the follow-up work for the CERN Open Days (deciding in winners, cleaning up, preparing shipments, etc.), I was preparing the Kulturnatten (open days) event of the particle physics group at the Niels Bohr Institute. Unfortunately the central organisation did not spend as much time thinking about the event as we did. Anyways, I think we made the best out of it and it actually went quite well. We had one auditorium with usual stuff like posters, videos and the LEGO models, plus our new self-made cloud chamber, which worked like charm for several hours. I spent almost four hours straight giving talks about ATLAS and more. A fact my voice seems to thank me for now :(

That done, and after only three and a half hours of sleep, we had the 2013 Fotohalbmarathon coming up on Saturday. This year we ended up with in total twelve teams taking part in the end. Some entered late, some had to cancel on short notice. But it’s a nice number, and people seemed to have enjoyed it.

After that, I started preparing my trip to Manchester, which I am going to start in only a few hours. Once more, I had to disassemble and pack the original Copenhagen LEGO model and I will take it on the plane in a bit.

Together with some people from Manchester, I will rebuild it tomorrow and on Wednesday non other than Nobel Prize winner Peter Higgs is going to sign it :)
I am admittedly quite excited :)