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Hmm … good food

Staying at Maria Laach – not as a student – apparently implies having one very nice dinner in a very nice restaurant. Supposedly, it’s been a tradition for more than 15 years now, which started with good old Father Athanasius, who was a known connoisseur.

So last Wednesday, all organiser, speakers and group leaders went to Gourmet Wagner in Mayen, to eat a special “13 TeV dinner”. According to the menu, it should have featured 13 courses, one for each TeV in centre-of-mass energy in the LHC, though it seems we were still in 2012, as we only got 8 courses!?

The staff seemed a bit unrelaxed, especially after I asked them about a juice menu (yes it exists, e.g. at Noma), and also the interior was quite posh … anyways, it was really nice food :)

Since I’m at it … the weekend before I had a very nice late lunch at the Hammesmühle, close to Mayen. Not as pricy and posh, but extremely nice food … I had escargots, venison steak and a lovely desert composition.