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ATLAS model

Today I finally finished the video construction manual for the ATLAS brick model. After more than a month and uncounted hours in hot spotlights I finally uploaded all episodes today. All Full HD video clips along with some more instructions, tips and hints for the build can be found at:

In addition I also created a time-lapse movie (see below) showing both the construction of the second ATLAS brick model, here at NBI, and the construction of ATLAS, down in the cavern in Geneva.

My second ATLAS membership

Since this week I am member of two ATLAS experiments … besides being member of the ATLAS collaboration at CERN since 2005, I now joined the ATLAS network of RIPE. While in the former one we try to answer all sorts of questions related to the fundamental physics of the world around us, from the creation and evolution of the universe to the reason(s) for  massive particles; the latter one has the slightly less ambitious goal to create a real time map of the internet infrastructure by deploying probes all around the world.

My first domain

This month the cancellation of my very first domain finally took place …, home for my small business / self-employment adventure for over ten years. After I decided to close the business down when moving to Denmark, I also made the decision that I could save a few bucks by ending the contract for the domain. And now it’s finally done!

Funny / strange thing is … it was immediately bought by an estonian domain broker … for whatever reason?!
But apparently the name seems to be interesting for others …

That made me check a few other possibilities …

  • .asia – free
  • .at – free
  • .be – free
  • .biz – free
  • .cc – well it’s in Chinese!?
  • .ch – free
  • .com – reserved, but dead
  • – some domain broker
  • .de – the mentioned estonian domain broker
  • .es – free
  • .eu – some Greek web service thingy
  • .info – webpage of some church
  • .me – free
  • – free
  • .mobi – some domain broker
  • .net – same as eu
  • .nl – reserved, but dead
  • .org – forward to some (strange) salvation army page
  • – free
  • .tv – some video production site
I guess that could go on forever, but I still do not see the brokering point …

Friends on wheels

Just because I like plots, I recently made one showing the daily stats of my two friends Anne and Carsten, who are cycling around in Europe and South America these and the following 40something weeks …

[inline][script type=”text/javascript” src=”//”] {“dataSourceUrl”:”//″,”options”:{“reverseCategories”:false,”curveType”:”function”,”pointSize”:0,”backgroundColor”:”#FFFFFF”,”width”:1280,”vAxis”:{“format”:”#,##0.00″},”lineWidth”:2,”logScale”:false,”hAxis”:{“maxAlternation”:1},”hasLabelsColumn”:true,”vAxes”:[{“min”:null,”title”:null,”max”:null}],”title”:”Anne & Carsten – Strecke/Geschwindigkeit”,”width”:480,”height”:320,”interpolateNulls”:false,”legend”:”none”,”reverseAxis”:false},”state”:{},”chartType”:”LineChart”,”chartName”:”Strecke/Geschwindigkeit”} [/script][/inline]

All about their adventure can be found here …