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ATLAS model

Today I finally finished the video construction manual for the ATLAS brick model. After more than a month and uncounted hours in hot spotlights I finally uploaded all episodes today. All Full HD video clips along with some more instructions, tips and hints for the build can be found at:

In addition I also created a time-lapse movie (see below) showing both the construction of the second ATLAS brick model, here at NBI, and the construction of ATLAS, down in the cavern in Geneva.


After quite some time, here’s another update on the movies side … and it is also my first payed rental movie from the iTunes Store. “Unknown” features quite a nice story in a very nice setting, being Berlin. It’s about a man who, after awakening from a coma, has to find out that someone has taken his identity … I wont write more, not to spoil a movie worth seeing.

Tron Double Feature

This Tuesday we finally managed to watch the new Tron movie! And since it’s a sequel we decided to watch the old Tron just before.

Actually we started the evening with some nice asian style dinner together with some friends (greetz) before starting the marathon ;)

Unfortunately the sun was still too bright at 20h00, that we did not manage to watch the first movie on the projector and had to evade to the TV screen.

Concerning the movies: I was reminded that the first part is actually quite neardy and very eighties, but still great for the time (it’s from 1982). Also I had to learn that the sequel did  add a lot to the music and the effects part but not too much to the story. It’s a nice movie, but maybe it was wrong to see the first part just before it :P

The Town

This weekend’s movie of choice: The Town.

Quite a nice movie about bank robbers in Charlestown, Boston, starring and directed by Ben Affleck.

Certainly a good choice if you like your Saturday night action movie ;)

And once again the online streaming video store that comes with our set-top-box has saved us the way through the ‘beautiful’ rainy Copenhagen weather we had on Saturday evening …