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Belle II

This month I became a technical member of the Belle II Collaboration :)

In particular, I joined the communication team for the German BMBF collaborative research centre ErUM-FSP T09 Belle II and will contribute to the public-engagement strategy, the coordination of public outreach, and on Belle-II-specific training programmes for young scientists, for the German member institutes of the Belle II Collaboration in the coming six months for now.

So look forward to a new Belle II Germany website, some social-media activity and more things to come soon …

And by the way, Belle II is a particle-physics experiment in Japan designed to study the properties of B mesons (particles containing a bottom quark). It is located at the SuperKEKB accelerator complex at KEK in Tsukuba, Ibaraki prefecture. The experiment is run and the physics programme carried out by an international collaboration consisting of about 1000 physicist and engineers from over 100 institutions in more than 25 countries.