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We had Christmas dinner at work yesterday … more than two kilograms of cheese (Appenzeller, Gruyère, Emmental and an old Tyrol cheese) in seven different kinds of cheese fondue (Appenzeller, Gruyère, Tyrol, tomato mixed, spring onion mixed, bacon mixed, chives mixed; and yes, I know it’s eight caquelons) for about 40 group members. Certainly an experience … from shopping, over preparation, to the dinner itself :)

Gettin’ ready for the Open Day


We’re slowly getting ready for the Open Day in Garching, taking place on Saturday, 22 October 2016.

Visit us between 11 am and 6 pm or join our free screening of ‘Particle Fever‘ at 6 pm.
We’ll have a great programme, including a BYOPD event, presentations of live events and data from CERN, a cosmic-ray detector, the large ATLAS LEGO model and more …

Find some more details here, here or here.

Latest and greatest from ATLAS and CMS


This week ATLAS and CMS have presented their latest and greatest in results obtained with the 13 TeV data set recorded in 2015. Quite an event with some interesting, though not yet exciting, results. Yet the theory community, or at least parts therein, got a bit crazy about some of the results.

I guess we’ll have to wait for our publication aiming for Moriond 2016 to get to the really interesting stuff ;)
Just kidding … well, the last part is true, we are aiming for first public results in March 2016.