CPH – FRA – SXB – FRA – AHN – …

Finally in Athens!

After flying from Copenhagen to Frankfurt on Sunday, driving to Strasbourg with a rental car, spending two days at C.N.R.S. to look at CMOS sensors, driving by to Frankfurt by car and taking a flight from there to Athens, I know finally arrived at the Danish Institute in town.

To be a bit more precise, I went to Strasbourg to discuss a possible new project to get involved in and to have a look at CMOS detectors they build at C.N.R.S. that we wanna use in the experiment.

And now I am in Athens for about a week for a SMP (stable massive particles) sit-in!

On the plane to Athens I met Cédric a swiss pilot working for Aegean Airlines (greetz) and his lovely colleague who’s name I unfortunately forgot who recommended a few places in town that we might check out during the week …

Btw. the picture shows part of the Acropolis as seen from my balcony when I arrived in our apartment (about now)!

For those of you who can read German: the place shown in this article is exactly where I left the subway yesterday … quite a surprise!