Experimentarium – Body Worlds

This week I had an old friend (greetz Shaun) staying at our Copenhagen Guest Couch. As the weather has been kinda Copenhagen style and he has already been here back when I did my masters, we decided to go to one of the museums in town … the final choice turned out to be the Experimentarium, for which I had free tickets as a thank you for the tours I gave during the CERN exhibition earlier this year …

They currently had a Gunther von Hagens exhibition called Body World showing real plastinated bodies. Even though I knew most of it already from a previous exhibition in Berlin, it is still quite fascinating to see all the details …

Also the permanent exhibition, featuring all sorts of hands-on exhibits was very nice … and everything, though mainly meant for children, was explained in Danish, Swedish and English!

The only thing that left a slight bitter taste is the fact that a regular visit would cost an adult 22 Euros (children 14 Euros)!?!

Who the he** can afford that on a regular basis?

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