Flight time is movie time

Nine hours flight time offer a good chance to catch up on some of the movies I did not manage / want to see in cinema in the (recent) past.

And what should I say … I’m happy they came free of charge!

Batman vs the other guy turned out to be as silly an idea as I expected when I first heard of it. And it’s not because I don’t like this kind of movies … well I never understood Superman, but I do love Batman. The story is somewhat silly and especially the scene where enemies to the death turn into allies within seconds is ridiculous … puh.

The guy that keeps coming back …  well it’s maybe a good story and it’s well done, but then again … who survives that many certain-death scenes? It’s like a really-wrapped action-hero movie. Good entertainment, but as said, I am happy I did not spend a dime.

Last but not least … the force thingy … puh, I mean how stupid are the bad guys? They seriously built another death star of kinds and got it bashed by yet the same lame trick / weak point. Is there no learning effect whatsoever? I know, people are going to hate and educate me, but really … isn’t it the same thing over again?

So in the end, the best part in these movies was to keep me awake. Which, flying west, is apparently a good thing to avoid jet lag … and now I am tired ;)