GeoCaching in Copenhagen

You’ve probably heard of geo caching before … so did I, but never really cared. But after my parents got pretty excited about it last week and we had two good friends and passionate geo cachers as visitors for the weekend (greetz L&M), we decided to combine our little Copenhagen tourist tour with a little geo hunt :)

After discovering seven caches on Saturday, it seems it caught me and I finally registered on Sunday to join the hunt …
It seems like a nice thing to do to see place you otherwise might end up going … we’ll see.

Only the pricing model of is something I did and still do not really fancy!
With only the basic and free account you simply cannot do much :( Also the Android app costs about seven euros.

Fortunately there is c:geo for Android which is free and my choice for now … though it has some troubles in the offline mode that I haven’t figured out yet.

Here’s my currently not so impressive stats:

Profile for SaMeCache

One thought on “GeoCaching in Copenhagen

  1. You are really infected by the Caching Virus, aren’t you? Congrats to your first independent logs. I lost your trace on Copenhagen airport, some in Berlin will presumably follow. Big brother is watching you from now on ;-)

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