Paris, but not Cairo

Now I finally have the time to write a few words about last week, which I happened to spend in Paris. The 2011 Hadron Collider Physics Symposium was on the menu, a week of physics talks with the latest and greatest from the theory, Tevatron, the LHC and others. Quite a few nice and interesting talks and posters, a nice conference dinner on a boat on the Seine and besides all that some (too little) time to see Paris. It’s been eight years since I’ve been there, still I could remember a few places … which always feels good. I stayed in Troels’ old apartment, which a friend of his now rents, but doesn’t use all year long.

While strolling the streets at night I also came across a few Space Invader pieces, which kinda fitted well as I just watched my “Exit through the gift shop” DVD recently …

Besides all the good points, the internet was really crappy at HCP and non-existing in the apartment. Therefore I didn’t manage to do as much work as I was hoping to get done. Also I got asked whether I wanted to present our long lived particle results at a conference in Cairo next week. Though it seemed quit tempting I finally refused as I will be quite busy with the Weltmaschine Science Slam tis week and still had the non-internet problem … by now it actually showed that the decision was also quite good from a health point of view seeing all the news from Cairo these days.