Honour & Glory – Status Quo

After all teams have played their first match, it’s time for a little wrap up!

Well seems like Katrin found a bug in my code and used it to rule the game …
Katrin you are hereby disqualified!!!
Okay … just kiddin’, well done job I gotta say. But there is plenty of points left to be earned!

Some stats for now:

  • the average number of points is slightly lower than during the last World Cup
  • also the spread amongst the first ten is larger this year
  • the maximum (thanks to Katrin) is six points higher this year
  • for now Sigrid has the most correct tendencies in a row (in total 5 matches)
  • Katrin is the most frequent sole leader (in total 14 matches)
  • Marcello earned the most result points (10 points)
  • and (no surprise) Katrin got the most score points (12 points)

And there is some new features to be presented ;)

  1. as of today the scoreboard features a (hopefully) much nicer colour scheme
  2. the scoregraph now features individual (non-overlapping) graphs for each person
  3. the standings page features some more stats compared to previous events
  4. you auto-fill your bets using various (random) algorithms
  5. there are some imaginary players called Dirk-1 to Dirk-4 taking part in the game, using exactly one random representation of each of the algorithms
  6. the webpage design and more important the backend has been redone in part and features XHTML 1.0 strict and CSS 2.1 compatibility for all pages but the weblog one
    which makes the pages show up nicely on mobile devices, at least on mine ;)