Honour & Glory – UEFA 2012

The group phase has finished: time for a little resumé!

It seems like my web site features a security hole and Troels has found it. Jokes aside, it’s hard not to notice his slight dominance in this year’s UEFA betting game. After his 17th and 6th place in UEFA 2008 and FIFA 2010, respectively: quite an improvement! I know that the one that laughs last, laughs loudest; but the rest of the field, including titleholder Simon, has to improve significantly to beat Troels’ lead. Well actually, there is already now some who do not have to think about a strategy to beat him anymore. Just after the group phase, this is actually a novelty for Honour & Glory football betting. Besides that, second and third place are still possible to reach for everyone in the field, though some might have to fight harder than others. Another novum is the fact that Troels continues to score on average more than one point per match (actually 1.46). And just to put out another name in this resumé, Basti managed to get the stage win for having the most correct betting tendencies in a row (seven) after the group phase.

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