Honour & Glory – UEFA European Championship ’12

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a winner!
Congratulations to Troels for his stunning performance in this year’s UEFA betting game.
It’s the first time that someone ended the game with an average of more than one point per match (and Troels had 1.3). Also he managed to stay on top as a single leader for in total 28 matches.

Of course congratz also to Basti and me (hehe) for making second and third place.
It has to be mentioned that Basti as well did manage to have an average of above one point per match (1.03) and that he holds the title for the most correct tendencies in a row (seven matches).

As promised there will be prices for the first three places – to be picked up in person at our place. ;)

Thanks everyone for taking part in this year’s UEFA betting game and see you for the next occasion!

Honour & Glory – UEFA 2012 standings after the group phase.