Just Croozing and more

Puh … it’s been quite some time since the last post. Sorry … but I wasn’t really in the mood or didn’t have the time to write something.
But since a lot of things happend after I came back from China (last post), I’ll try to make for the silence now.

The major breakthroughs since then were probably the facts that Erik: has started eating meat (though blended), can sit by himself, got a bicycle trailer and got his third tooth. I for myself have started my parental leave in part time, meaning I am only working on three days per week and stay home the other two/four. And last but not least, the ATLAS model is becoming an even bigger success!

The bicycle trailer – a Croozer Kids for 2 btw. – was kind of a tough decision that took quite a few days/weeks to be made. After browsing a few tests and comparisons of various bike trailers and seats, we actually got more confused than enlightened. Finally it turned out that some of the tests were actually wrong and therefore not entirely helpful. Anyways … the good thing was that I finally managed to get our heating and warm water advance payment accounted for, so we could buy the trailer entirely from that. The disturbing part of this sudden income is, that the calculation is still wrong (against our favour) and I am still waiting for the final (hopefully correct) numbers.

And until February next year I spent two days per week waiting for it together with Erik. I am not yet fully sure of whether a part time parental leave is something I would recommend to others, but it’s the experiment I am currently doing. And in any case it great to be home more often and without deadlines (well with less at least).

Since I mentioned the ATLAS model above and deadlines just now. I also put a deadline for second order call and as a result of that I have ordered more than 25 large models for institutes all around the world! Also my small model is getting more and more successful. I have order about 50 pieces this time and there is plans for significantly more in the future.