More Beijing

Today the SUSY2012 conference finally started! For me, once again with not being woken up by my alarm and without (my all incl.) breakfast. Anyways, I made it to the conference for the second talk … puh. The first one started already at 8:30 am.

But mainly I wanted to summarise my yesterday’s version of the Beijing marathon.
I started out with a long metro trip to the Temple of Heaven, took a big tour through the park and the various temples; made my way to the Lama Temple and the surrounding area; took a long walk in the Yuandadu Chengyuan Ruins Park (its the city wall remains park … in which I did not see any city wall remains); and finally made my way to – where else should it be for a marathon – the 2008 Olympic’s Park – the Olympic Green. Gosh … I was wasted after that day.

In terms of other stats: I seemed to have chosen the wrong path at some places which made the proud owner of 78 mosquito bites. And that’s only the ones I can see myself, I can feel more … In addition, it shows that I should have brought my hiking boots, since I got three very nice blisters walking around in my Sambas :(