Kulturnatten – Culture night in Copenhagen

It was a long, but successful day yesterday!

I spent about 17 hours at the institute, but besides a bit of ‘regular’ work we managed to set up small but quite nice exhibition about particle physics, the LHC and CERN in general and ATLAS in more detail. This year we also managed to show the ATLAS LEGO model for the first time at Kulturnatten. With no surprise, quite a success! There were actually people coming specifically to see the model! :)

In addition to the little exhibition we had an extra auditorium were set up ATLAS Virtual Visits for the first time in Copenhagen. We had in total four 30 minutes live connections to the ATLAS Control Room in Geneva, Switzerland. There were between twenty to thirty people in each session, that sometimes (actually quite a few of them) stayed longer than an hour to ask questions and listen both to the guys we had at CERN and us locally.

I might at some point also post a link to the recording of the sessions here. [link]

To round of the day, and to make yet a bit longer, we used our webcast hardware to set up a remote viewing room for Holger Beck‘s late night lectures, which were otherwise heavily ‘over-booked’.

So it was a long day, but I’m quite satisfied with what we managed to do!