Movie Night 3

What a night … yesterday we had another game day in our little foosball league.
With only two matches scheduled (even though one was a very important one, for the league and me … which was a draw btw.) we had lot of time left for movies afterwards … and we pretty much used all of it ;)
We started out with Thank you for smoking, went on with Kops and finished the night (and us) with Heat.
All of them where great, although only the first one was new for me. It’s about a guy representing the tobacco industry and all the mess that comes around with being in such a position … really nice movie, hereby recommanded! The other two are classics already. A swedish commedy about some police station in the swedish outback that is to be closed
and its appendant officers … fun!
And of course the one and only Heat … the street fight is legendary … hmm … and DeNiro and Pacino did the rest.