The ATLAS pit and the BigBang

Last friday i finally went down to see the ATLAS pit, home of the biggest experiment ever! 92m under ground… unfortunaltely it’s so big, that it almost fills out the whole cavern, making it hard to get a good view. Anyway, it’s just awesome huge!
Having seen the detector (or at least the parts, that are already down there) I went on to see the BigBang… On Saturday there was the Fete du Lac in Annecy… which was a bit odd, because they locked the whole city, but offered the most impressive fireworks I’ve ever seen. They started out with some choir singing and ended up with 90m of fireworks… bambambigbang! Yeah!
I guess I’ll be disappointed by the Fetes de Geneve firework and/or the New Years Day fireworks in the next years…?!