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Nuit de la science


Last weekend I had a quick trip to Geneva. Aside the usual meetings at Cern, I had the pleasure to host another BYOPD event. This time as part of the ‘Nuit de la science‘ at the ‘Musée d’histoire des sciences‘ on invitation of the Atlas group at the University of Geneva.

With in total 17 hours plus preparation and clean-up time, it was quite a bit of work, but it was certainly a lot of fun again. We had over 80 contestants, ranging age three to 74, entering the competition and quite a few more people just chatting with us about particle physics, Cern, Atlas and whatnot.

We also had cloud chamber as well as the ATLASrift as part of the particle physics contribution.

Wildlife vs. science

Franco Atirador/Wikimedia Commons/GNU Free Documentation License
Franco Atirador/Wikimedia Commons/GNU Free Documentation License

CERN has confirmed that apparently a beech marten has caused “a short circuit in one of the electrical transformers [and] cut power to the LHC”.

And just because I heard the comment/joke twice already (sorry it’s in German, thx Basti) … das Tier war offensichtlich ein Selbstmarder :|

PopScience, BYOPD and PhD Comics

Yesterday, we had another PopScience BYOPD event in Geneva. While it was a bit calm in the morning it ended up quite nice with a decent number of visitors/participants in the afternoon. In fact, I had Jorge Cham, creator of PhD Comics,  joining the competition. Unfortunately, I missed his talk and the showing of the PhD Movie sequel the day before. Luckily, I could make it up with a nice autograph from him (see below).
For the actual European researchers’ night, there were discussion of the physics in movies such as Gravity, Interstellar, Star Trek or Angels & Demons as well as a screening of Particle Fever and a discussion with some of physics cast.