H&G – After the first match …

… has been played by every team in this year’s World Cup, let’s have a quick look at the stats for our Honour & Glory contestants. Here are the standings after the first game day.

What should I say, it seems to be a ladies game this time. For the better part of the first game day, the first three places were held by female football experts (as you can see in the new place-after-match view on the matchboard).

Looking at the scoreboard, it seems that Anne’s usual and valued 2-1/1-2 scheme does well this time and for now ;)

And just to add a few more stats, Kerstin has been our most frequent leader up to now (8 matches), Michael has the most consecutive matches with points (8 matches) and it’s only Jason and me that managed to stay above the average for the whole game day (17 matches).