H&G – Group phase stats

The first 48, out of 64, matches have been played, the group phase is over. Time for another little review …

With one or two exceptions, not too much changed since the end of the first game day. The top four is still the top four, just with a little reordering in the positions. Same goes for the bottom, maybe with the exception of someone who apparently forgot to place his/her bets after match 30!? Nothing too exciting happened in the middle of the table. You can check the development in the recently added place-after-match view on the matchboard (in fact only of a couple new views).

Also in the records section, we are essentially looking at the same names as before.
Here’s the links to the standings, matchboard and scoreboard just after the group phase.

To help you getting into the top three, I added some team statistics on the schedule & bets page. Simply click on a row and you will see details on how the according teams performed earlier in the event. Hover over the numbers to get even more details.

Last but not least, I am considering to launch a new bets view on the matchboard during the end of this or in the next tournament. It would show all bets of all players, including the ones of matches that already started.  Depending on your positive/negative FEEDBACK, it might come online at some point.

Good luck in the second stage of the World Cup!