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Humble Bundle and more

It’s time for the sixth Humble Bundle. Well, actually it already been some time and it’s only ten days left, in case you care for nice games from independent studios were you can choose yourself what to to pay! I bought mine yesterday and already had a short session with one of the six games included.

And since I am writing about games, I’ll just go on and mention that I also got caught (for reasons I myself have not yet fully figured out) by The Simpson: Tapped Out [SaMeOrigin] and Wordfeud [SaMeWord] on my iPad recently. They work pretty well for the five minutes before going to bed or in the morning after the little one got his first dish of the day … at least the latter one also exists for Android (link).


Today I finally managed to get some gingerbread onto my Nexus mobile phone.

And yes we are talking Android versions here, not sweets!

Until now I haven’t received any update after 2.2.1 … so I finally decided to downgrade to an older but original Google firmware … and tada! … I immediately got the upgrade notice for gingerbread (being Android version 2.3.4)!

Went kinda nicely, just had to approve all previously installed applications and setup all my accounts once again.

But now I am happy on gingerbread ;)