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O’zapft is – The Oktoberfest has started! It’s been quite some time since I’ve been at the Oktoberfest. But living in Munich now, I guess it’s kind of an obligation to go at least once. Today’s the day … and it was … loud, expensive, crowded, dirty … well Oktoberfest.

Hmm … good food

Staying at Maria Laach – not as a student – apparently implies having one very nice dinner in a very nice restaurant. Supposedly, it’s been a tradition for more than 15 years now, which started with good old Father Athanasius, who was a known connoisseur.

So last Wednesday, all organiser, speakers and group leaders went to Gourmet Wagner in Mayen, to eat a special “13 TeV dinner”. According to the menu, it should have featured 13 courses, one for each TeV in centre-of-mass energy in the LHC, though it seems we were still in 2012, as we only got 8 courses!?

The staff seemed a bit unrelaxed, especially after I asked them about a juice menu (yes it exists, e.g. at Noma), and also the interior was quite posh … anyways, it was really nice food :)

Since I’m at it … the weekend before I had a very nice late lunch at the Hammesmühle, close to Mayen. Not as pricy and posh, but extremely nice food … I had escargots, venison steak and a lovely desert composition.


2014-10-25 11-07-34 Legoland

What a great outcome of a family celebration at the local Mütterzentrum … four tickets for Legoland :)

Today we finally went there and had a great day, being especially happy about the fact that we didn’t have to pay the ridiculous entry fee …

Munich Hamburg Munich Oxford Munich Geneva Munich

What should I say, the last week has been quite interesting and maybe a little bit too much.

Friday, 19 September it all started with a – at first – smooth road trip from Munich to Hamburg. Unfortunately, two road blocks turned the whole thing into an exhausting ten hour drive.
After some relax time with friends (greetz), it was time for the first BYOPD event in September on Saturday.  The “Tag der Forschung” (Day of Research) at the HZG in Geesthacht turned out to be very successful event for BYOPD with over 75 participants. After eight hours of science, Legos and kids, the day found a deserved end with a great BBQ (thanks).
On Sunday it took me another ten hours to drive back to Munich. Only bearable due the fact that I found a very nice geocache along the way ;)

After a too short night, I was on the way to Oxford to spend some days (including my last two days of parental leave) talking and thinking about SUSY after the restart of the LHC in 2015.
Here it also turned out, that I apparently not only found treasures on my previous road trip, but also two ticks happily

After finding my way back home and sleeping for four hours, I made my way back to the airport (good thing the ticket I used to get into town was still valid) with all the Legos to go to Geneva.
The PopScience event – part of the European Researches’ Night – took place the FNAC store in the centre of Geneva and featured yet another BYOPD event in September. Not as big as the other one, but still with some very nice contributions.

Today there’s finally some spare time to write this  and I am very much looking forward to get to the airport and back home :)